Frida Finstad is a norwegian artist and songwriter. Influenced by scandinavian pop, she’s an artist for the future with her raspy vocals and fierce lyrics.


The up and coming artist has already influenced all genders, young and old, with her songs filled with attitude, confidence and whatever goes with that. Her debut single “I Got This” was released July 2020 and contains everything you need to bring up your self esteem

Her sound is described as catchy and colorful, cocky and empowering, but also with a hint of vulnerability and softness. She's influenced by artists such as Peg Parnevik, Zara Larsson, Julie Bergan and Dua Lipa.

Off stage, Frida wants to be a role model for the youth by talking about feminism, injustice and wanting to crush the law of Jante.

currently working on her debut EP, she has a lot to look forward to in 2021 and 2022...

"It's about confidence. It's about knowing your worth.

Do no harm, take no shit".